Oyj (Public limited company)

Special form of the Oy tailored for companies listed in the stock exchange or considering to go public at some point in the future.

Must be registered at Trade Register and Tax Administration.

Capital requirement
Minimum EUR 80,000

Limited liability

A board of directors consisting of one or more persons. If less than three, a substitute member must be appointed. Optionally one managing director for running business. Optional advisory board.

Place of management
At least one of the members of the board of directors as well as a possible substitute member and a possible managing director must be a EEA resident (citizenship not relevant).

Annual financial statements. At least one independent auditor with public license.

Corporate income tax rate of 20.0%.

Must be recorded in a deed of formation, dated and duly signed by the founders. The deed of formation must contain a proposal for the articles of association.

Corporate law
The New Finnish Companies Act.

Source: BJL Bergmann Attorneys at Law