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made painless.

Finns are a pragmatic people who like to get down to business right away. No mountains of paperwork or never-ending red tape – just sound information to help you plan your business in Finland.

General information on Finland

Finland is a business friendly country where red tape is minimal. It also has a developed infrastructure, a skilled workforce and competitive operating costs.

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Starting up a business in Finland

Enjoy the benefits of doing business in Finland. It offers a safe business environment, and highly qualified human capital close to the major markets.

Resellers for products

If you are looking for a reseller for your product or services, please contact industry associations for further information. Associations are able to help you to find business partners for your company.

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Helping hand.

Boost your capital by applying for additional
funding from these sources.

ELY Centres

The fifteen ELY Centres across Finland grant support to businesses from the European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund, European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, European Fisheries Fund.

ELY Centres


Finnvera is a specialist financing company owned by the Finnish State. Choose the right financing package for your business to cover production, IT or premise costs. Loans are also available if you need working capital.



Tekes is the main government financing and expert organization for research and technological development in Finland. It provides targeted financing for innovative and risk-intensive projects.


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made easy.

Choose your company type: private limited, public limited or branch (unlimited liability), and download the correct form from the links below. Notice the different capital requirements depending on company type and the standard 20% corporate tax rate.

Private limited

The most common limited liability choice in Finland for large and small companies.


Public limited

The best option for companies listed on the stock exchange or those who plan to go public in the future.



Operate from Finland with unlimited liability using the name of a foreign company.


As a rule, new businesses must be registered with the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland and the Finnish tax office. Just download the necessary ‘Y’ forms from the Tax Administration and the Trade Register authority


Send the completed forms to

PRH – Finnish Tax Administration,
Business Information System,
PO Box 2000, 00231 HELSINKI, Finland.

For more information on taxation in Finland, you can also contact the tax office directly

Step 4

Find the right

Get started in fast-growing Helsinki or head north to high-tech Oulu or Santa’s hometown Rovaniemi. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain: your business will be in the middle of one of Europe’s most dynamic market zones.

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Regional resources

  • The biggest cities in Finland
  • The universities in Finland
  • The biggest passenger harbours in Finland
  • Other main harbours in Finland
  • The international airports in Finland

The main border crossing points in Finland

  • Airports
  • Border crossings between Finland and Sweden
  • Border crossings between Finland and Norway
  • Border crossings between Finland and Russia
  • Border crossing points for passenger boats
  • Border crossing points for trade
  • The support areas in Finland

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Step 5

Talent for hire.

Basics of hiring in Finland

Finland’s highly skilled workforce is a recruiter’s dream. Before hiring, make sure you comply with Finland’s Employment Contracts Act.

Employment contracts can be made in writing, orally or electronically. As an employer your statutory contributions, including social security and insurance, will amount to about 23.5% of gross salary.

Cost calculator

Be prepared! See what kind of employment costs you are expected to cover for your workers.

Start by picking an employee type:

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The top Finnish business services for companies.

When you need business services including bookkeeping, advertising, banking, recruiting and law, you might find the following contacts helpful. These are the largest companies in Finland by turnover.